How Value Imports Plus Came To Be...


Co-Owners Jacob Mumm and Henry Coker opened Value Imports Plus in September of 2014. Combining Jacob's years of knowledge and experience  about the automotive industry wih an emphasis on Mercedes-Benz and Henry's  business and public relations acumen. The two set out to open Lakeland's first  full service luxury pre-owned automobile dealership specializing in Mercedes-Benz.


Henry and Jacob opened Value Imports Plus with the idea to provide customers with a place they can go to buy and/or have their vehicles serviced and recieve honest and reliable information about whatever may be the case. Buying a used vehicle can be a daunting process, not knowing if what you're buying will last 30 days or 10 years. Henry and Jacob wanted to open a pre-owned dealership where customers could have confidence in knowing what they were purchasing was going to last. With the service aspect of the dealership they know that Jacob and Henry have gone through all of the vehicles and deemed them worthy to put up for sale with the Value Imports Plus name behind it. 


Henry and Jacob wanted a dealership that didnt mess around. There are no games being played at Value Imports Plus. While you may not always get the answer you want to hear Jacob and Henry are dedicated to giving the facts plain and simple. If you don't need brakes they won't sell you brakes. They will never sell you parts or do repairs to your car that you don't need.  When it comes to pricing the vehicles for sale they are priced to sell and you can be certain that no funny business is going on as you may find in other small dealerships. They are here to serve the customer and provide a refreshing experience when it comes to dealing with cars.